How to Arm Lobbyists and Reporters

Offer to let CHL holders bypass the security line at the Capitol, which is happening in Texas:

Both veteran lobbyists are among dozens, perhaps hundreds, of the nearly 1,500 registered lobbyists who are scrambling to get state licenses to allow them to carry concealed handguns. Most don’t want to pack a pistol, though they legally could, but want the license to get into the State Capitol quickly during the legislative session that starts in January.

Even if they aren’t planning on carrying, just having them go through the course is a large benefit for our cause. It at least dispels the notion that carrying a firearm legally has anything to do with being a cowboy, or shooting it out over a parking space. This works in Texas because CHL holders are allowed to carry at the Capitol. This is not the case in Pennsylvania, where the Capitol is is off limits because of the presence of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Carrying a pistol will cost you time here, as there is a check-in process with the Capitol Police.

2 thoughts on “How to Arm Lobbyists and Reporters”

  1. Hee, hee!

    Oh, the hand wringing! Never mind that the looney who took pot shots at the Texas Capitol was not a CHL holder and that he shot OUTSIDE the building.

  2. I’ve been chiding my fellow Texas Democrats to lay off the PSH over this one and try to explain to them CHLs are all people who 1) passed an FBI background check 2) have their fingerprints on file with the DPS in Austin and with the FBI 3) are statistically speaking the most law abiding among us, even more so than LEOs. Many lobbyists advise they are getting the permits just for the facilitated access and actually have no intention to actually carry. Still, I have to think it may rub off on a few of them.

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