5 thoughts on “Ung’s Attorney”

  1. Given how the Philly DA’s office has been prosecuting the innocent and freeing the guilty it’s no wonder Jack would flip sides. How could he sleep at night being asked to railroad good people and put bad people back on the streets. Philly may be the only place where the defense attorneys are honorable and the ADAs are sleazebags.

  2. I used to wonder how defense attorneys could sleep at night, knowing that they help put (real) criminals back on the street.

    I’m cured of that ridiculous notion for good.

    Now I wonder how the prosecutors can sleep at night, given all the lives they destroy. They don’t deserve a single peaceful nights’ sleep so long as they keep putting good people through this bullshit.

    If this is what “rule of law” looks like, I’d rather take my chances with complete anarchy.

  3. “You don’t want intelligent people because they’ll actually sit there and think about your case.”


  4. I’m a defense attorney and cases generally fall into 2 categories:

    1) Obviously guilty guys who usually take a plea to avoid the serious time they’d face after a jury trial conviction. The prosecution doesn’t even have to play dirty to win these cases and your guy knows it so they’re usually pretty low stress. This is the vast majority of cases.

    2) guys who are either innocent or not provably guilty where the accused won’t take a plea and the prosecution won’t dismiss or offer a sweet enough deal. These are the nerve wrackers because you want to get your guy off because you know he’s innocent but you worry the prosecution will succeed anyway because they’re going for a win instead of a just outcome.

    The obviously innocent don’t tend to come near a jury because prosecutors don’t like to bring shitty cases and hurt their win percentage.

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