Democratic Attorney General Candidate

Read this, and see what he thinks about guns:

The Northampton prosecutor said that the state attorney general does not need legislative approval to require Pennsylvania gun owners to report their missing weapons or to mandate gun merchants to inform their customers that they cannot permit their guns’ use by anyone not legally authorized to possess a firearm. He believes a Pennsylvania statute stating the “attorney general may adopt, after public hearing, such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the enforcement and administration of the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law (UTPCPL)” gives Mr. Corbett the necessary leeway to impose the aforesaid regulations.

This guy is going to be a disaster for gun rights, and it’s very important that he get nowhere near the Attorney Generals office in Harrisburg.  Pennsylvania is becoming increasingly Democratic, and we don’t stop the tide, we’ll be New York and New Jersey before you know it, and I’ll be a Texan, Tennessean, or Arizonan.

11 thoughts on “Democratic Attorney General Candidate”

  1. One shouldn’t have to care about gun rights issues to see that this guy is bad news–if he thinks the Attorney General’s job is to just make and enforce edicts, without bothering with the pesky process of actually getting laws passed, he is one dangerous hombre.

  2. As a Tennessean, I’d suggest Texas.

    It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get gun rights legislation out of committee here.

  3. Jobs???

    As a gun owner, don’t you just rob, mug and steal from innocent grunts inbetween hittin’ that crack pipe and snuffin’ out the po-lice?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  4. wizardpc-Very true, but it’s also next to impossible to get gun control legislation anywhere here. And sooner or later, Jimmy Naifeh will be out of office or the Democrats will lose majority and he won’t be speaker any more…

    Sebastian-You’re welcome in TN anytime!

  5. Some years back, Massachusetts AG Harshbarger held a hearing and enacted a bunch of gun restrictions using his authority under MA’s Consumer Protection Law. His actions were not reigned in by the one part Legislator, nor reversed by subsequent Democrat AGs.

    The result is that there are many fewer brands and models of handguns available to buy, new, from dealers here. Some guns manufactured here (e.g. Kahr) are not for sale.

    FFL dealers risk $5000. fine per sale if they sell something the AG disaproves, will not declare what it does approve of. Dealers, just don’t bother risking their livelihood.

    This “chillling effect” is exactly what the “HarshRegs” intended. It’s all very sad.

  6. Virginia gun laws are actually better for gun owners than the laws in Texas. Not by a large margin, but they are a bit better. Open carry is also legal here in VA without a permit. We can also carry in places that serve alcohol (assuming the owner doesn’t ask you to leave, which has never happened to me), but you have to do it openly. So, even if you prefer CC, you have a viable option for carry while you wait for your CHP application to go through.

  7. I agree with LaughingDog – Bitter’ll probably be unhappy to hit reverse on that moving van, but I can’t see how you’d be an unwelcome addition to the Commonwealth.

  8. Old Dominion that is. Forgot that PA is also a Commonwealth.

    Better yet, don’t let PA become like MA. We need to have sanity in most of the Commonwealths around here. ;)

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