13 thoughts on “32 Rounds in 16 Seconds”

  1. It would be nice if the anti-gun rights crowd would at least send their lobbyists to the range once in a while so we could at least engage in a informed two-way conversation. Sigh…

  2. The Brady solution IS to ban semi-automatic firearms, and all other firearms too. Demonstrating the speed of reloading 10-round magazines is pointless because there’s no reasoning with them. Their minds are made up and they will not change. This is a power struggle between the American people and leftist totalitarians. We’re playing for keeps, and either we defeat them and keep our freedom, or they will defeat us and take our freedom. They want our guns, and the rest of our freedom afterwards.

  3. The Brady “solution” is no solution at all. The magazine ban would be defeated by any spree shooter by simply carrying a second gun. More “nonsense” from our friends at the Brady center.

  4. Good video to make a crucial point. To me, it’s amazing that one can refute another person’s primary argument, and then come to find that refutation doesn’t matter at all … the refutation can be ignored, or the argument can be changed. There are few endeavors in life outside those invoking the supernatural where direct refutation still cannot convince the zealot. The gun control position truly must be “faith based.”

  5. Your reload times were:

    3.53 (including clear)

    Pretty good, but you can get better with practice!

  6. Yes. I know. And that was running the gun completely dry.

    If it is a planned reload where I don’t have to observe the gun is empty and then drop the slide after inserting a fresh magazine I can get almost a full second off of them. But still, I think I can do better if I were to practice more. They seemed like they were taking forever!

  7. Honestly, I don’t know how fast “fast” is … if you can otherwise reload at 1.5 to 2 secs, in my book that is pretty darned good! I think mine are at about 2 seconds when I am running well in a match.

    At any rate, I sure know I can improve … I just don’t conscientiously practice it enough.

  8. On a USPSA target 10 yards away (this was only about 5 yards away) reload times for a GM are about 1.50 seconds. 70% is about 3.0 seconds.

    See this post for details and other common gun tasks to determine what is “fast” compared to top competitors.

  9. I think we might be making the wrong point. Showing anti-gunners that those of us skilled with a pistol can shoot just as fast with reloads as we can with large magazines is going to make them go “Well they why do you need large magazines?”

  10. Jesse,

    It’s certainly possible they could take that away that message but I made a point in the video of saying that it’s more difficult to carry multiple magazines and that there are occasions when attackers need more than 10 rounds before they stop their attack.

    Also, if they switch their argument we have can refute it when it comes up. And each time they change their story it reduces their credibility.

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