Semi-Auto Ban Ballot Measure Squashed in IL

NRA is reporting their challenge to the Cook County ballot measure has been successful. A semi-automatic firearms ban will not appear on the November ballot, the petitioners having not even come close to meeting the requirements. See what kind of grass roots support gun control has? Even Cook County’s numerous dead voters wouldn’t show up to sign on.

2 thoughts on “Semi-Auto Ban Ballot Measure Squashed in IL”

  1. It is my understanding that this was not Cook County thing but a state-wide ballot initiative.

    They already succeeded in a Cook County ballot initiative (for the children) in 2006 and followed its success with a Cook County AWB.

    This is a big black eye to Gov. Quinn as it was his Chicago area campaign team that instigated it without the knowledge and approval of his downstate campaign team.

  2. It was statewide, but the challenge was done in Cook County. I believe the plaintiff is from there (everything north of I-80 is Chicago as far as I can tell from down here, and sadly that does include Wisconsin. Sorry, Wisconsin.)

    I look forward to watching Quinn get beaten up with this stick in the weeks to come. I don’t know what they could have been thinking, especially this “Maz” person who thought it would be a good idea with an anti-gun candidate trailing statewide and getting no traction from attacks on a pro-gun candidate to go ahead and propose a referendum to ask for a ban on Marlin 60s and Ruger 10/22s. Were I Quinn, I’d fire these people, hire ’em back at double pay and fire ’em again.

    Between this and his Chief of Staff using his state email account for campaign business, then resigning over it, and then firing the investigator who uncovered it in the same week . . . . . he must almost wonder if it would be better to have Blago do something splashy next week.

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