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I’m a lurker there. I don’t have time to comment, but I think for the most part folks are doing OK keeping up the pro-gun sides of the argument. This latest caught my eye, from Macaca, one of the few anti-gun commenters on their site:

what’s happening now is the shame of this cournty. so let’s TRY something new even if it means that every gun purchaser has to go through a background check. the people of Philly and every other city that has gun violence deserve it.

Yeah, OK. Except that every firearms purchaser in Pennsylvania already has to go through a background check, and for handguns, ANY transfer has to go through a dealer or sheriff. There is no so-called “gun show loophole” in Pennsylvania. We closed it. And guess what? 234 and counting. Macaca later shares with us:

Finally done he stood up and said there is only one thing he didn’t like about England and that was their gun laws. I quickly handed him my business card and told him who we were and what we were all about and my friend told him that England was safe BECAUSE of it’s gun laws.He quickly left. His wife on the other hand stayed. She said she had been trying to tell him the same thing about England for years but he wouldn’t listen. She said, now that he’s made such a fool of himself maybe he’ll have to rethink his position. And with that she stood up, gave us a $100 bill as a donation and left.

Gee, I wonder what business card that could have been? Good to see those grass roots at work!

UPDATE: Macaca Macca responds in the comments. Odd choice of nickname. I’m going to guess not a big George Allen fan. I can understand that, because Allen was a dummy. I have to wonder how the Brady folks in Virginia feel about their current gun nut Senator.  Seems I’m a dummy too.  DMeadows reminds me that I need to read more carefully.

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  1. the business card was for my grassroots chapter. would seem silly for the leader of a chapter not to have a card they could give out when needed. you don’t have to be “paid” by someonen to have a business card. it doesnot mean i’m a paid staff person. i’ll tell Peter you said hello.

  2. i had no idea that PA had universal background checks. hmmm, that’s really good news. if some gunguy wanted to sell a gun to his next door neighbor, a background check has to done first. that’s outstanding! when you get that one hand gun a month law, i’ll visit.

  3. Macaca appears! Welcome.

    You can’t transfer a handgun here without a background check, either through a licensed dealer or a sheriff. At least not legally. You can go buy one in North Philadelphia without a background check no problem if you’re willing to break the law.

    Private sales of long guns are still allowed, however I’ve never been to a gun show in PA that allowed people selling firearms without an FFL.

    It would seem that one-gun-a-month is rather superfulous, when private transfers of handguns are already crimes, and dealers in PA are required to inform the county sheriff of multiple sales.

  4. You guys do have some grass roots in Northern Virginia. I’ll give you that. Of course, given the number of quality places there are to shoot in that area, I would wager we have more in terms of numbers. But the fact that you know Peter Hamm means you’re not a nobody in the organization.

    I’ve very briefly shook Wayne LaPierre’s hand once, and got his phony business card once (the one he gives out to anyone, so you can feel important). I cant’ say hi to him for you, because he doesn’t know me from jack. Actually, I doubt he knows any of the people who comment on your blog.

  5. Guys,

    It’s “MACCA” (here) or “macca” on the BC blog. Not “Macaca”.

    Welcome, macca.

  6. It’ll be news to the people living in England that they are safer because of their gun laws.

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