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Oleg Volk is trying to raise money for Heller II, or perhaps we should call it Hellerbound: Hellerraiser II. Sorry, Uncle flipped the cheesy switch with his amply appropriate alliteration.

UPDATE: PayPal Link here. Sorry folks, doesn’t look like they have money for a good web developer either :)

UPDATE: According to Oleg and Dick Heller in the comments below, they have secured volunteer services of a web designer.

UPDATE: For those who might feel more comfortable donating to the Civil Rights Defense Fund, just follow the link. They are helping support Mr. Heller’s case as well.

18 thoughts on “Donate to help Heller II”

  1. You know, I was just about to donate, but I couldn’t figure out what exactly I was donating for. Or where. I’m more than happy to donate if they get their act together.

  2. Ok, I think I figured out where I’m supposed to donate:

    Instead of saying something like, oh I don’t know, “DONATE” – it says “help heller gun cases”. Also, it’s one of the least friendly websites I’ve seen in a while. So yeah, when they get their act together I’ll donate. Right now I just can’t take them seriously. Also, the only payment option is PayPal.

    The website makes me think any donation would just be throwing money away.

  3. Uhm… Isn’t this an NRA case and therefor shouldn’t the donations be going to the appropriate NRA entity and not what looks like Dick Heller’s pocket?


  4. A commenter at Oleg’s brought up a good point: This looks like it involves way too many issues simultaneously to make a good SCOTUS case – which could explain why Alan Gura doesn’t seem to be involved.

    Gene Hoffman: You’ve raised another good point. Is this being backed by SAF, NRA, or some other established organization? If not, then why not? If so, then why are we not donating to that organization directly?

    I’m hesitant to donate to the Heller Foundation for those reasons. I’d say a little more digging is in order, first.

  5. Thanks for helping.
    got to the Supreme Court with no official office location
    and on half a shoestring budget of my security guard paycheck.
    “Security Guard”
    was part of our Strategy —
    They’ll GIVE me a gun but I still couldn’t OWN a gun !!
    we are trying to clear up all the roadblocks & hurdles to ownership that “elitist” authoritarian govts can throw at us in DC/Chicago/CAL, etc.
    UN-Friendly page only because I’m not a web jock…
    I could not find the donate link either.
    We finally have some pros helping us RE-DO the website.
    Thanks * cheer-z,
    Dick HELLER.

  6. Proud Heller supporter and sponsor here. :)

    In a nutshell, Heller II attacks the following DC restrictions:
    – large capacity magazine ban,
    – semi-automatic rifle ban,
    – the onerous and expensive process to register a handgun in DC.

  7. MIKE,felt I needed to follow up. So, searched for the Heller website and got & obviously that’s Dicks site

    What’s wrong wit that website? paypal stuff works fine. Don see the same issues you have had. Said donate right on site.

  8. Ah no worries mate my capslock was on when I was followin up with you heh!

  9. Cool yer jets guys & be of good cheer. & More Help.

    How many people do you know that got the to the Sup. Ct. to fight for our 2nd Am. Rights
    on a good PLAN, a wing, a prayer, & half a shoestring ?

    The new HellerFoundation site is in Beta test now.

    cheer-z dick heller

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