4 thoughts on “Brady Center Get $140,000 Donation”

  1. Reading the fine print, it looks like a good chunk of it went to the attorneys, who did this case pro bono!!!

    You know you’re on the ropes when you have to beg for legal aid. I’m sure Ropes and Gray will help them out in the future, but this isn’t going directly into the Brady coffers.

    1. I don’t think it’s a matter of begging for legal aid, Chris. Firms regularly do pro bono work, and they often do it for more left-y causes. I remember attending an event where one of the Heller brief authors went to his firm’s pro bono folks and challenged them to take on a wider variety of work. They let him work on the Heller brief, and he indicated they were receptive to the idea of doing more work that crossed typical ideological lines. It makes their firm more competitive in recruiting talent who might be interested in assisting with that kind of pro bono work.

      In other words, don’t knock it too much since our side also benefits.

      Also, the issue isn’t so much going into Brady coffers, it’s that they are getting paid rather quickly when attorneys on our side aren’t getting reimbursed at all or are getting jacked around in actually getting their due payments.

  2. That reads like “We just got $140k we didnt earn, for an argument that was mooted, on an issue that we lost … and we are STILL pissed as hell!”

  3. “Numerous studies have confirmed that concealed carrying of firearms does not reduce crime and, if anything, leads to increased violent crime. ” Really?

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