A Shame

Not much information on this story, but it looks like a retired cop and gun collector died, with no one to take care of the estate. The local criminal population quickly moved in and started stealing from the collection. Once guns started showing up in traces, the police moved in on the abandoned property.

The real shame of it is, this guy pretty clearly was quite a collector, and you an guarantee each and every one of those firearms is now going to be destroyed. If there really are Title II firearms among the collection, as the article says, they will be lost forever to the civilian market. I would be surprised if there are not also historical pieces that will be lost.

9 thoughts on “A Shame”

  1. That’s property with a significant value his estate is loosing out on. The estate should sue the philly PD for the value. That happens enough, watch how quickly they stop treating victims like criminals.

  2. I feel like singing!!!!!

    Makes me proud that I vote Republican!!

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  3. “Investigators removed over 200 rifles, assault weapons, machines guns and more than 50 hand guns from a row home on the 3600 block of Solly Avenue.”


    Dann in Ohio

  4. It’s unsurprising really.

    The system is so designed that the amount of Title II systems is in *perpetual decline*. Anything stolen, destroyed, lost, you can’t replace it.

  5. It’s the Philly PD. I suspect most of those stolen firearms will end up in the homes of the senior department officers…

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