Castle Doctrine Introduced

In the Pennsylvania Senate, by Senator Alloway.  I’m going to guess the Republican controlled Senate is an easier route of introduction.  Gets it to the House without having to wrangle through Democrat controlled committees.   Chances are we can pass this, but Rendell can always veto it, and probably will.  Still, it will force the issue, and make the Democratic nominee for governor, whoever that turns out to be, take a stand on that issue.  We probably already know that Corbett, who is the presumed GOP nominee, will support its passage.

2 Responses to “Castle Doctrine Introduced”

  1. What scares me is what kind of idiot are we going to end up with in the Atty Gen office if Corbett runs for Gov?

  2. Ian Argent says:

    Now if we could just get some of that to filtr across the Delaware.