Like Vultures

Looks like MAIG has been busy trying to recruit from the victims of Tucson. This is a classic tactic of gun control groups, because without victims, where would they be?

If your mayor is on this WaPo ad, e-mail him or print him out a copy, and ask why he’s appearing in a major national newspaper supporting new gun control. I’d bet money that Bloomberg never got their approval to use their names. Let’s turn the pressure back up on this weasel group. There are a LOT of Pennsylvania mayors on this list, and no politician liked being used this way.

3 thoughts on “Like Vultures”

  1. Not a one from The Copper State. Not even from the La Republica Socialista De Tucson.

    ./~ And I’m proud to be an Arizonan, where at least I know I’m free ./~
    (Apologies to Lee Greenwood)

  2. Sam Adams’ name is there. But, knowing that Mr. Adams (Mayor, sadly, of Portland, OR) is basically a stinking Red, I don’t think complaining is going to help.

    He’s the one who suggested the latest stupid and pointless “gun control” blather the City Council passed recently.

    They never learn. It seems often enough that they never even realize there’s anything to learn.

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