Full Page MAIG Ad Appears in WaPo

From today’s Washington Post. Click for a closer look:

They are counting very heavily on Obama giving a shout out to gun control efforts in the State of the Union. So heavily, MAIG spent a sizable amount to buy this full page ad. They need him to do it. I’m crossing my fingers and hope they are left high and dry.

As I said, I think if Obama announces support for new gun control tonight, it’ll benefit us more than it’ll benefit our opponents. But if he mentions nothing, it’ll be devastating to gun control advocates. Can Obama rise above this divisive issue? We shall see.

9 thoughts on “Full Page MAIG Ad Appears in WaPo”

  1. We have a TV, but what do you want to bet that my boys and I will probably be watching a John Wayne movie or maybe Band of Brothers while O is pontificating?

  2. just saw more of the Mexican gun canard idiocy on msnbc – well at least it’s not the magazine restrictions…

  3. And then there is the subliminal message embedded in every political ad featuring MLK: Support our cause or we will label you with the scarlet letter “R” (racist). Support for gun control = not racist. Support for gun rights = racist. The message is felt immediately the moment the reader’s eyes scan the top of the page.

    When I was in the Operating Engineers union a few years back, our local used the same tactic in an attempt to shame management into giving us what we were demanding around contract time. Leaflets were passed around, featuring pictures of MLK marching with strikers days before he was shot. The implications are not very hard to surmise….

  4. “Close the loopholes in the background check system by requiring a background check for every gun sale”

    Notice that the “gun show loophole” has been morphed into “loopholes in the background check system”.
    That means all private sales to go through a dealer. That’s a $35 transfer fee to the dealer. It amounts to a tax on gun owners and it would require the registration and government control of all guns to prevent people from simply selling their guns privately to avoid the hassle and the fee.
    Once all guns are registered, banning them with various restrictions would be easy.
    That’s their process for eliminating the Second Amendment. That’s why I support fines and imprisonment for politicians who seek to subvert the Second Amendment. They belong in prison, not in Congress.

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