Things I Learned in DC

We spent the weekend in DC, and I learned a few things that I thought you might be interested in knowing. You know all that eliminationist rhetoric many on the left are condemning? Well, their first stop should be the Smithsonian. Protest loudly, my friends.

I also noted some interesting observations about pro-life activists who were in town for the March for Life. I have a few messages for them: 1) Your teenagers are slightly less annoying than other teens. Your teens are also reasonably polite. 2) Parents, on the other hand, are rude. If you’re going to act like a snotty brat, don’t wear your cause on your t-shirt unless you want people to hate you. 3) Your bus drivers should stop trying to kill pedestrians if you’re really pro-life.

Nuns break traffic laws. But they smile a lot, so it makes it kinda okay. Because when else will you see nuns running and laughing across the streets of DC.

I don’t know if the Smithsonian is trying to be ironic or send a message about energy consumption, but a large chunk of the lights were burned out in the “Lighting a Revolution” exhibit.