ATF Announcement Should be Tomorrow

As we await the exact language of ATF’s announcement, which will probably come tomorrow, I’m interested in reports that the target here is the 28 gauge Taurus Raging Judge. The Raging Judge can’t be an SBS, because it is not designed to be fired from the shoulder, though it could be an AOW or a Destructive Device. The distinction between the two is entirely arbitrary. The Serbu Super Shorty, for instance, is an AOW, even though it chambers 12 gauge shells, which are most definitely over 0.50 inches barrel diameter.

Michael Bane has a good explanation of the legal ins and outs. Remember folks, our opponents say guns are less regulated than Teddy Bears!

5 thoughts on “ATF Announcement Should be Tomorrow”

  1. “Entirely arbitrary” is a pretty good description of the NFA in general.

  2. The way to fix the problem is to make DDs devices that have bores of 1 inch or more and accept fixed ammunition. Canada and a number of other countries put the DD mark at an inch. Gun happy Americans seem to have gotten screwed with the half inch limit.

  3. Ooh, 20mm cannon with solid shot as non-nfa weapons?

    “Sporting purposes” being undefined is bad legislation. BATFE assuming that “sporting purposes” is exclusive instead of inclusive is bad regulation

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