Tepid Applause?

Considering this is a Burbank California audience, I’m surprised Maher didn’t get a roar from the crowd, instead of sparse applause he had to encourage to try to not have his statement be pathetic:

It’s hard to imagine that even a few years ago this would have gotten such a tepid response. People tend to naturally want to get behind someone trying to pull them along with the crowd. You’d almost think Maher had made a vaguely inappropriate ethnic joke.

Our opponents have seriously overplayed their hand. We’re winning.

11 thoughts on “Tepid Applause?”

  1. the frightening part is those ‘Americans’ in the audience applauding each time he says, ‘enough with the second amendment, enough with the constitution’ – really?!?

    If the second amendment goes, his first amendment right will immediately follow.

  2. Somebody needs to shove Bill Maher back into the Hot Tub Time Machine. The last time he spoke for anyone other than his own cocaine-addled mind, the headlines read “Hart wins New Hampshire.”

  3. I saw Bill Maher in Atlantic City a few months ago. He’s a one-trick pony. His humor is thoroughly predictable. I know exactly what he’s going to say long before he says it.

    Anyhow, I stayed awake for the first five minutes and slept through the rest.

  4. Winning will be when Rep. Steve King, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy and Sen. Frank Lautenberg are no longer in office to propose yet another pitch to increase government control of the right to keep and bear arms.

  5. Having heard him admit in the past that he is “addicted” to some of the vices he mentioned, should he not lead us by example by admitting he has some problems? But no, he has actually boasted of his drug and sex abuse – and they aren’t even mentioned as rights in the Bill of Rights. He claims to be a libertarian, but his hypocrisy betrays that lie. He is only a selfish liberal out for his own interests and to heck with any one else’s freedom. Mark is right: why did anyone applaud anything that hypocrit said?


  6. Of course, Bill Maher is tired of hearing about the Second Amendment and the Constitution. Psychopaths resent any limits on their power.
    Maher is a washed up comedian who ceased to be funny a long time ago. He’s desperately trying to remain viable, but he’s aging and on the ropes. He can’t compete against fresh talent. Nobody wants to listen to a bitter old man bitching about things because it isn’t funny – he’s pathetic.

  7. Gack! I’m angry at Leno regurgitating the false info the MSM has recycled about the 1994 AW ban. But I really can’t blame Leno. He is a victim of the relentless and false anti-gun propaganda of the MSM.

  8. A somewhat related side note: I just heard on the news that Washington State Democratic Representative Jim McDermitt was threatened with death by a LIBERAL who was upset with the “tax cut for the rich” compromise passing Congress last month. I wonder how Maher and the MSM will blame that one on Mrs. Palin and the NRA!


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