Big Harrisburg Gun Rally

Bitter and I will be attending the big rally in Harrisburg tomorrow. I’m off work today to tend to some household tasks. Today we’re headed to my dad’s for some dinner. We’ll stay the night, since he’s an hour away from Harrisburg, and I’m more like three.

It’s not too late to attend, if you want to come help make the crowd bigger. This is basically Pennsylvania’s version of IGOLD, only we don’t get nearly the crowd, unfortunately.

3 thoughts on “Big Harrisburg Gun Rally”

  1. From the Prairie State- Go get ’em, Keystoners!

    Wait, you don’t say it that way, do you?

    Anyway, do it again and again and you will grow and multiply.
    Heck, if we can do it, so can practically anyone. We’re only a couple of notches ahead of those Greenie Iranians, it sometimes seems.

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