Where We Are

Michael Bane offers some cogent thoughts:

My take is that the gun control fanatics have overplayed their hand…that is, the rush to get some legislation in both the House of Representatives (ever the fanatic Carolyn McCarthy , D-NY) and in the Senate (the reprehensible Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ) looks more like political opportunism than reasoned thought, of course generally the case with antigun legislation.

I think he’s spot on. I think their reaction to this crisis has been awful, and I mean that even from the point of view of their own cause. They tossed their lot in with the left’s and the media’s premature ejaculation. Those days are past. It used to be that a lie had a chance to get around the world before the truth got its pants on. Now maybe it gets as far as Kansas. Our opponents have not adapted to the new reality, and the beauty of it is that I don’t think they can.

UPDATE: I think Jacob’s read is correct too.

5 thoughts on “Where We Are”

  1. I agree. As a matter of fact, I just received an email from Assemblyman Michael Carroll (LD 25 NJ) who sent a letter to Chairman Johnson asking him to support current concealed carry legislation in NJ, before the SAF / ANJRPC lawsuit compels them to.

    In his words, “I hope to persuade the Legislature to do its constitutional duty without being scolded – at great expense – by a federal court.”

    Good on him.

  2. Seems like many haven’t seen GOP Rep King’s gun control proposal. He’s going to create a 1000 foot GFZ around every federal official…

  3. That Remington contract – $8.9 million for $1,000 guns = $8,900 each.

    And Remington has won a five-year $28.2 million contract for upgrade work on 3,600 M24 sniper rifles = $7,800 each.

    No wonder the budget is out of control – Geez!

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