We’re Like California!

How many states have sitting governors with talent agents? Well, add Pennsylvania to that short list.

Arnold had an acting career long before he entered politics, and since he can’t exactly pull a Reagan and run for higher office, it’s safe to assume he will resume that career now that his time is up. One would expect he would maintain a professional agent throughout his gubernatorial sidetrack.

But our governor is known for getting upset at the NFL for canceling a game in unsafe blizzard conditions. Public safety officials and local leaders who would have to deal with all of the traffic accidents be damned!* Oh, and before that his face was plastered across the national tv screens when he said Janet Napolitano was perfect for a cabinet position because she was a spinster. He’s like Joe Biden with a little less stupidity and a lot more Philly asshole. And now, while in office, he’s secured an agent from William Morris.

*For what it’s worth, I did drive in that storm three hours before game time in an area that was not hit as hard as the area around the stadium. Even in the lighter blizzard conditions with less snow, I saw four accidents in the 10.2 miles I drove. One was bad enough to warrant two local police cars, another had the road shut down and a tow truck pulling a van out a tree, and two more were waiting on police responses off the side of the road. Having lived in Massachusetts for six years, I know how to drive in snow. I was still a bit nervous on the road (mostly because other drivers in this area don’t know how to drive in snow). Our governor bitched from the comfort of Harrisburg where he has state employees driving him around and which received no snow.

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  1. Wow, that’s the exact opposite of Arizona: We have a sitting Governor with no talent whatsoever.

    Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Please, try the veal.

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