Opening a New Congress

There are a lot of symbolic moves going on in the halls of Congress these last couple of days. Yesterday, it came in the form of a vote on the Speaker of the House. Nineteen Dems voted against Pelosi, and one decided to go take a walk during the vote. It would have been even more, except the woman still controls Democratic committee assignments and may be out for blood of anyone who opposes her. Fortunately, some of our favorite Blue Dogs were among those voting against her – Pennsylvania’s Jason Altmire and Tim Holden, along with Oklahoma’s Dan Boren. (Other pro-gun Democrats I think worth mentioning are North Carolina’s Heath Shuler and Mike Ross of Arkansas.)

Today, the Democratic Caucus leaders tried to oppose the reading of the Constitution as an opener to the Congressional session. Some of the best reactions to this have come from other people, so I’ll gratuitously steal from them:

@ExJon: “Why do we think liberals hate the Constitution? Their reaction to its public reading is like a vampire facing holy water.”

@JimGeraghty: “Way to go, House Democrats. Your first act of 2011 is to strenuously object to reading aloud the founding document of the nation.”

@ExJon: “I hope C-SPAN has microphones near Pelosi while the Constitution is read. ‘I’m melting! MELLL-TING!'”

4 thoughts on “Opening a New Congress”

  1. Now, some of the loud mouthed liberals have moved to talking points about the Constitution is old and meaningless, and the sentiment has been picked up among the masses a little bit. I’m disheartened by this. I thought that the Constitution being important was always something Americans could agree on, even if exactly what it means was constantly a debate.

  2. Now that the House has been reminded of it’s oath and it’s job, let’s see if they put some action behind their symbolism. They can start with upholding the right against Unreasonable Search (4th Amendment) and stop this horrendous situation at the airports.

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