Maryland Court of Appeals Ruling on Carry

This is bad news for Maryland gun owners, but not unexpected:

Williams said Maryland’s laws that prohibit wearing and carrying a handgun without a permit and outside the home infringed on his Second Amendment right as articulated by the Supreme Court in 2008 and 2010. Maryland argued the Supreme Court rulings meant states could not prevent citizens from having a gun in their homes for self-defense but could otherwise regulate and oversee firearm possession.

The ruling was unanimous in the state’s favor. The Court of Appeals is Maryland’s Supreme Court. The case is Williams v. State of Maryland. Guess what the next step would be from here? The Supreme Court of the United States. Did this case just jump way ahead of everyone else? I hope we have strong Second Amendment lawyers appealing this. We have to get this right. It’s not good that this is a criminal case, to begin with.