Bill Your Congressman!

More lightbulb blogging over at Uncle’s. I thought about what a movement might look like, to protest Congress’ policy. Why don’t we all send Congress a bill for having to replace our light bulbs with CFLs? There’s some fixtures I have that I’ll just have to replace, because they call for clear bulbs. Send them the bill. They mandated this crap, let them pay for it! Oh, and be sure to include an environmental clean up charge, for the mercury in the bulbs. I’ll leave it to readers to decide whether or not to turn your local congress critter over to a collection agency when they don’t pay up.

2 thoughts on “Bill Your Congressman!”

  1. I know they would never pay for it.

    Instead of jumping through hoops to dispose of the mercury lined curly bulbs, mail them to Congress member to dispose of.

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