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Clayton Cramer has updated his list of publications, and I noticed on there was an article from Shotgun News that appeared in this months issue, on the Death of the Thousand Cuts the gun control movement is dying from. We got a mention:

Another interesting aspect of this death by a thousand cuts is that the gun control movement seems to have lost heart.  The news media are still reprinting gun control group press releases without too many questions, but the days when the gun control movement enjoyed a large body of financial backers seem to be past.  Snowflakes in Hell is a gun rights blog that has spent a bit of time over the last few years keeping track of the falling level of support that gun control organizations enjoy.7

So now I’m cited on one of Clayton’s publications. Given that Clayton has been cited by the Supreme Court, I figure that this is probably the closest I’ll come. But we will still hold out hope!

5 thoughts on “Mention in Shotgun News”

  1. So, you have a SupremeCourt number. Now you need to get cracking on the Erdos and Bacon numbers…

  2. No Supreme Court number… I’m just saying getting cited by someone who has been cited is probably as close as I’m coming to getting cited by the Court myself. Unless I start taking up real academic research in my copious spare time.

  3. From the article: “CeaseFire New Jersey stopped filing reporting forms in 2000, indicating that their total income was below the $25,000 threshold.” Which is not news, but what is interesting is that in NJ you can’t drum up support for a gungrabbing organization.

  4. “No Supreme Court number.” More accurately, you have a Supreme Court Number of 2: You’ve been cited by a person who was cited by the Supreme Court. Clayton has a Supreme Court Number of 1, because he’s been cited by the Supreme Court.

    Now, if you’ll just cite me, I’ll have a Supreme Court Number of 3! But that also implies that I’ve been working on something worthwhile to cite…

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