How About That?

Homicides have fallen to an all time low in Washington D.C. While it seems highly unlikely this is a result of the very small number of DC residents that have chosen to exercise their newly enforced Second Amendment rights, and likely has more to do with continued gentrification, it at least shows the blood isn’t running in the streets. D.C.’s gun control laws were and continue to be an abject failure.

3 thoughts on “How About That?”

  1. Even though the number of handguns registered in DC is small, the number of long arms that were already registered was significant. Now those long arms can be loaded and ready. Criminals are self selected quickly for street wisdom.


  2. Once again, blood failed to run in the streets. For 20 years or so of crying “wolf”, the anti-freedom forces are still waiting for the “turnaround”.

    Which is why I’m critical of anyone’s effort to show “better numbers” resulting from liberalization of firearms laws – this leads to the view that we have to justify freedom. We don’t have to justify freedom; the lack of ill effect from freedom does that for us.

  3. Heller was about guns in the home …. guess what Burglary did?

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