City of San Francisco Donates $380,000 to Gun Rights

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the City of San Francisco for making such a large and generous donation to the National Rifle Association, and other gun rights groups.  This is most certainly a welcome development in the history of the gun rights movement, and we look forward to donations from other stellar, first class cities such as Chicago, Alameda, and New York City sometime in the not to distant future.

These funds are certainly important to continued advancement of this important civil right, and we are grateful to the City of San Francisco for helping us out.

9 thoughts on “City of San Francisco Donates $380,000 to Gun Rights”

  1. I appreciate the donation and sentiment of the people of San Francisco. I am sure that many of them are very angry. 380,000 dollars must be a hefty sum to pay to the opponents of your ideaology.

  2. Uh oh………somebody’s getting fired! LOL! Thanks for the bread San Fran. We look forward to more when you settle out of court! ;-)

  3. Mike, you’re on to something. We should make a campaign to tell CA residents that the reasons they can’t get their tax refunds this year is because cities are having to pay to defend civil rights violations lawsuits and losing.

  4. I hope the NRA turns around and uses this money towards gun safety training within SF, that would be the cherry on the top.

    My guess is that it will be used to replenish the CRDF. As much as I like money spent on training, I also like money spent on lawsuits to defeat unconstitutional bans, too. :)

  5. There ought to be a concerted push to entice anti-gun civil authorities into making these contributions. Seems like every small town in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina is dying to make a contribution to the cause via open carry.

  6. Chump change.

    The government employee payroll of San Francisco County alone tops a billion dollars a year. It’s not like they won’t recover that money through some new, inventive “service fee”.

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