Taking the Times to Task

NSSF’s Stephen Sanetti writes to the New York Times about their editorial lamenting lead in ammunition, suggesting such a move would gut most of the federal tax dollars that go to wildlife conservation. Of course, take a look at the letter right below it, and you’ll see these types aren’t going to be swayed by argument. They are zealots who have no idea where food comes from.

3 thoughts on “Taking the Times to Task”

  1. I still can’t believe they would publish an op-ed from Anthony Prieto and Project Gutpile. For God’s sake, Prieto admits they only have FOUR members elsewhere on the Internet.

    I guess when you have an agenda any tool will do.

  2. This idea that somehow your bullet is in the hurling is absurd. I’ve hunted quite a bit, and the second rule of hunting (beyond know your target and what is behind it) is to not shoot it in the gut. A gut shot animal dies a slow painful death with ruined meat and is very very very difficult to track.

    Beyond that, nearly every shot I take (primarily to the heart lung area) always passes through the animal meaning, no lead bullet in gut pile.

    If it doesn’t, for instance I see there is no exit wound, then I search like a Dickens for the bullet 1) to see why it didn’t pass through, 2) to see how it mushroomed and performed, 3) to weigh it to see how much weight it retained and, most importantly, 4) because bullets that have pierced flesh are cool to look at and have.

  3. How much lead ammo do Manhattanites use for hunting there, anyway? None, seeing as they’ve destroyed the natural environment there to the point that there is no hunting.
    If New York City wants to do something for the environment, they should put Manhattan Island back the way they found it. In the meantime, they should stop their effete lecturing on how others should behave.

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