Go After The Gun, Not the Criminal

That seems to be the advice from anti-gun groups in Connecticut:

But 88 percent of gun arrests are for criminal possession while only 12 percent are for gun traffickers, he says.

Both Pinciaro and Fair think it would be more effective for cops to focus on gun suppliers instead of just the shooters.

Fair has spent years asking police to track guns used in crimes. At meetings with police in the past she was told it was too difficult or too time intensive. Last week she heard a different answer.

These people are unbelievable fools, asking that scarce police resource be diverted from tracking criminals into tracking inanimate objects that are a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself. The problem is the criminal.

Pinciaro is pushing a new tool — microstamping — to help cops quickly track guns used in crimes. The new technology would imprint a gun’s serial number on bullets fired from it. Pinciaro says the technology would allow bullets to be traced back to the gun immediately without needing to first find the gun and then wait for the state’s forensics lab to run tests.

How does that work exactly? If all you have are empty shell casing, there’s not really any forensics that’s going to help you if you don’t already have the gun, and if you already have the gun, what do you need the forensics for? You can just look at the serial number. If the serial number is filed off, well, chances are the micro stamp is gone too.

Even if you had micro-stamped shell casings, you’d still presumably need a forensics lab to lift the serial number, and then execute a trace with ATF, which is still only going to find you the last legal owner. These people have no idea how this technology works, and they are supposed to be the ones we listen to? Screw that. These people are clueless and should be exposed as such.

4 thoughts on “Go After The Gun, Not the Criminal”

  1. Microstamping leads to registration and bans on private sales. All sales will have to go through a licensed dealer for legal sellers so they can track and register who last had the gun.

    Law breakers, of course, will continue to violate the law or report their legal guns as lost or stolen to get them out of the system.

    Thefts will increase as criminals will want to use guns with microstamps registered to other people.

    Registration leads to confiscation.

  2. So, from now on, when I shoot someone with a gun, I need to make sure to pick up my shell casings. Got it.

  3. Ohhh… it would imprint the serial # on the BULLET. That makes more sense since bullets never get mangled or anything. Especially hollow points.

  4. Or easier yet, the criminals will use a revolver and take their brass home with them.

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