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So the WaPo has finally done their bit on the NRA, and reveals this bit of information:

In the past few days, the plan [to require multiple long gun purchases to be reported] has quietly gained traction at Justice. But sources told The Post they fear that if the plan becomes public, the NRA will marshal its forces to kill it.

I also love this:

The fate of the Mexican gunrunning rule is only the most recent example of how the gun lobby has consistently outmaneuvered and hemmed in ATF

The mexican gunrunning rule? Instead of the “we get to hire additional bureaucrats to process all this extra paperwork, and thus grow our empires” rule? I will say this, and say it proudly: I’m not willing to give an inch to deal with Mexico’s problem. Guns are largely illegal in Mexico, and largely legal here, and they are the ones with the violence problem, and not us. In addition, and we’ve said this until we’re blue in the face, the cartels are not getting machine guns, grenades and rocket launchers from legal sources in the US. Also, let’s take a look at this:

Don Davis, 77, has run Don’s Guns and Galleries in Indianapolis for 37 years and says he is one of the highest-volume dealers in the region. A big supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms, Davis resigned from the NRA many years ago. “They used to be an organization for the hunter and the fishermen,” he said recently. “Then they got into politics. They’re so political, that’s what they do with their money. Today if you say anything about a gun, they use their money to run against you.”

That’s this Don’s Guns. I seem to also recall that this guy is a major source of crime guns. Hey Brady folks and Bryan Miller: why don’t you go protest Don? I promise, I won’t lift a finger to help him, and I think everyone else will probably agree.

The WaPo article then goes on to speak of NRA as a powerful, evil force, blocking these very nice people at ATF who just want to fix this whole nasty gun violence thing. I mean, how can you argue with unbiased reporting like this:

Obama never said anything about banning handguns or closing gun shops. His campaign platform promised to pursue long-standing proposals to address urban violence: reinstating the assault weapons ban, outlawing “cop killer” bullets and closing the “gun-show loophole” that permits firearm sales without background checks.

Except he did. He has supported both in his past, and that fact is well documented. And how do you square that any of those other measures will do anything to address urban violence? The CDC studied the assault weapons ban and found it did nothing. I also doubt that the WaPo reporters involved in this piece have any idea what a “cop killer” bullet is. But it exists. Trust them. They are gun experts, right?

It’s days like this that make me happy fewer and fewer people are paying attention to print media.

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  1. I had a minor stroke reading that article. I am very curious about the “cop killer” bullets, too. Perhaps the Post can explain.

  2. “They’re so political, that’s what they do with their money.”

    I assume he is talking about the NRA’s change of tack in the 70’s. I love when people like Don go on about how the NRA is so political. Like the gun bans of the 30’s, 60’s & 70’s never happened.

    If the NRA had not gone political, gun rights would be dead in this country. We would probably have the same gun control regime as Britain. That’s the way it was headed in 1977. It was only with the pushback that more or less began when the NRA got political that things started to turn around.

    When the gun banners fold up their ceaseless campaign to deprive us of our 2nd Amendment rights the NRA can go back to being “an organization for the hunter and the fishermen”(fisherman?? This guy is a moran)


  3. Don Davis has never been a ‘big supporter of 2A rights’.
    He’s only a supporter of his own pocketbook at the expense of the community.
    In Indianapolis, he is known as a ripoff artist and a political opportunist.
    His stores are located in high crime areas and cater to questionable clientele.

    Back in 1994 he made a big show of support for the AWB by burning / destroying a pile of AK’s. Got a lot of attention in the press and (most importantly) free advertising for his stores.

    Most recently, he was in the local news because some DOJ stats came out showing that over 1900 crime guns were traced to original sale at his store THIS YEAR. Apparently, his employees couldn’t spot a straw sale if their lives depended on it.

    His solution to the gun crime problem?
    Require all firearms to have a title of ownership like cars do.
    That’ll fix it!

    Maybe we would have less gun crime if Don and his crew were all safely locked away in federal prison…

    Sensible gun owners in Indy stay away from his shops.

  4. “Cop killer bullets” are any bullets that kill a cop.

    Thus to ban them, one bans all bullets.

    Problem solved!

    MG: In fairness, though, I think there should be gun stores “in high crime areas”, because those are exactly the areas where the non-criminal population most needs armament.

    Criminals, even when there’s an iffy dealer around, still mostly get them on the “deep” black market – but some poor schmuck in the ghetto would prefer to not have to spend hours traveling across town by bus to buy a gun (and God help him if he wants to bring it back and the city bus line doesn’t allow guns…).

    I completely support gun shops in high crime areas – as long as, like ones in low crime areas, they obey the law.

  5. You mean Don Davis of Don’s Guns, the Don Davis that was a bodyguard for Jimmy Hoffa? That Don?

    Gosh, I wonder how he’s still holding an FFL…

    (Want some fun reading? Google “Don Davis” and “Jimmy Hoffa”. That is one creepy mobbed-up SOB…)

  6. Sigivald – I agree with you completely. Crime victims are disproportionately represented by low income areas as opposed to middle and high income areas.

    The problem, as you said, is dealers who don’t obey the law.

    Don and his crew clearly disregard the law, and have been caught in the act several times. It’s amazing that the ATF hasn’t shut him down yet.

    What sets him apart from the crowd is the blatantly anti-2A stand he takes whenever he gets bad press.
    He’s a criminal lunatic and gives all dealers a bad name.

  7. “Arrgh. Moron. Note to self, don’t call someone a moron and then misspell the word”

    Don’t feel too bad, Sam. In Virginia, “moran” is an acceptable alternate spelling of “moron” (sc. Jim, Brian).

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