Maybe Their First Stop Needs to be ATF Headquarters

Apparently some Mexican Gun Control Activists have been wandering the country to pin their inability to deal with their own problems on the US gun industry. We’ll do what we can to keep guns from heading South, but that gets to be more difficult when our own government has been facilitating that kind of gunrunning for reasons they still have not been willing to explain.

2 thoughts on “Maybe Their First Stop Needs to be ATF Headquarters”

  1. From the article:

    They’re asking Washington to change the way the U.S. goes after drug traffickers, in part by targeting the American gun industry.

    Er? That makes as much sense as going after drunk drivers by targeting the tire industry. Apparently, Mexican gun control advocates are just as bassackwards as American ones.

  2. The M-16 style weapons shown in the story had 40mm grenade launchers attached. Gee silly me, I thought those were only available through the federal government on government to government approved sales.

    Yep, they should be discussing this with the US DOD, State Dept., and BATFE.

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