More Class from the Other Side

Josh Horwitz is now comparing James D’Cruz to Dylan Klebold. The fact that each of these stories shows new quotes which we have not yet seen is a good sign our opponents are all sharing the information on James’ Facebook:

The best case scenario here is that D’Cruz is strikingly immature and incapable of handling the serious responsibilities that come with gun ownership. The worst case scenario is that he’s a ticking time bomb in need of psychiatric care. In either case, he’s a poster boy for why we should prevent handgun sales to those under 21 years of age.

So he’s strikingly immature because he likes to quote movies and books? D’Cruz’s only gaffe here is that he either didn’t realize, or wasn’t coached, that being a plaintiff in a high profile civil rights case was going to put him under the microscope of unscrupulous people who would take anything they could out of context to smear him. I will grant, it is probably is something beyond the comprehension of someone under thirty, just how treacherous a game politics can be.

The notion that James Madison drafted the Second Amendment to guarantee the right of violence-obsessed teenagers to buy handguns and carry them in public–divorced from any type of civic or military duty–is asinine.

Well, good thing James is preparing for a career in our nation’s military then eh? Or did you miss the picture of him in that snappy JROTC uniform that was right next to the one in his Halloween costume that you guys cribbed?

9 thoughts on “More Class from the Other Side”

  1. This is a typical attack from the antis. They’re hoping to intimidate James & NRA and get them to back off.

  2. Josh is tasting his own irrelevance, and it is bitter. Is it any wonder that he spreads that bitterness to the rest of us?

    When I was taking US History in High School, the teacher pointed out to us that as slavery came under fire, the proponents of slavery got more and more strident. The original arguments were along the lines of, “well, it’s a necessary evil.” at the end, they were claiming that slavery was good for the blacks. It seems like we are seeing the same thing here. The only people that are left on the other side are the ones who think enforced helplessness is good for us.

  3. Well, I’d certainly like Mr. Horowitz to note that back in James Madison’s day, teenagers could buy the same firearms anyone else could (indeed, they could [and can to this day] buy cannons and mortars, if they had the money and desire).

    I’m pretty sure some of them were also “violence obsessed”, at least to the non-degree that Mr. D’Cruz is.

    Somehow that did not affect the drafting of the 2nd Amendment, and it took well over a century before Federal law prevented teenagers from buying a handgun. And yet, the world did not end, nor were we subsumed in bloodshed and chaos…

  4. Madison’s day?

    Reading a biography of Nathaniel Bowditch, one bit of miscellany was the mention of a privateer captain who had captured three British merchantmen during the War of Independence. The captain was seventeen when he made his first capture.

  5. It’s amazing that Mr. Horowitz is outraged over movie quotes on a Facebook page… yet shockingly silent over the fact that the Brady Campaign has still not revoked the Visionary Award it gave Helen Thomas a few months ago.

    I guess quotes from Ghostbusters II are much more horrifying than her anti-Jewish rants to Josh. I’m still more offended by Helen Thomas than James D’Cruz.

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