Chicago Picks Its Lawyer

Looks like Alan Gura and Paul Clement will be going up against James Feldman:

A Washington, D.C. solo practitioner with extensive experience before the Supreme Court will argue in defense of the city of Chicago’s strict handgun ordinance in a closely watched Second Amendment case next month.

James Feldman, who argued 45 times before the high court as an assistant to the U.S. solicitor general, got the nod to argue in what is widely viewed as an uphill battle for gun control advocates. The case is McDonald v. City of Chicago.

He’s going to have a lot of work cut out of him to try to argue such a legally untenable position.

3 Responses to “Chicago Picks Its Lawyer”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    I am surprised this choice took so long. I would think 30 days, or less, would not be enough time to prepare for such a huge undertaking.

  2. Flighterdoc says:

    And how many times did he win? Not that it matters much, but it’d be interesting to find out.

  3. Carl from Chicago says:

    Sebastian …

    Why didn’t you name this entry “Chicago Picks Its Fall Guy?”


    I know about the chickens, eggs, and counting business …