Displeasure Among the Gun Control Ranks

Seems some didn’t particularly care for Ed Rendell’s departing surrender on the issue of gun control. Chief among them Joe Grace, who Kinney reports as “pained by the glum talk about guns.” Joe’s pain is my content. It doesn’t look like Representative Tim Briggs thinks to highly of it either:

Montgomery County progressive Democrat Tim Briggs became a loyal CeaseFirePA soldier in his first term, but frets that building a broad coalition might be for naught if Corbett and Co. “try to push an extreme social agenda.” Indeed, Corbett has said he would happily sign the “castle doctrine” expansion.

Broad coalition? 159 Pennsylvania representatives voted for Castle Doctrine the first time, only 38 voted against it. 38 out of 202 seats is a broad coalition? I’d say you were tilting at windmills out of the gate, Rep. Briggs. Second time around he lost two votes from his “broad coalition.”

Ed Rendell sees the writing on the wall because he can count. I have no doubt Rendell did what he thought he could to advance the issue, particularly pushing Democrats who would run on gun control vocally. But that ultimately failed. Having failed, Ed is giving up, and riding off into the sunset, leaving suckers who bought his line on the issue, like Tim Briggs, in the dust.

6 thoughts on “Displeasure Among the Gun Control Ranks”

  1. Can you help me invest the money I’ve earned selling hundreds of Tec-9s on the streets? I’ve made so much money that I just don’t know what to do with it.

    Seriously can you believe that a “serious” newsperson would actually write:

    “Once they’ve filled their trunks with Tec-9s, Pennsylvanians often resell on the street for profit to those who use the guns in crime.”

    This woman is a clear example of why libtard is such a spot on term.

  2. When did the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution become known as the “Bill of Social Agendas”?

  3. Can there be a more gratifying parting quote than…

    I asked him to sum up his eight-year quest for a safer state.

    “An abject failure,” Rendell replied bluntly. “A lost cause.”

  4. Hmmm. What if we all sat around and considered, “Hey, maybe guns in the hands of citizens just aren’t that big a problem?”
    Naaaahhh. The thought-infection is too deep.

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