Sears Back in the Gun Business?

Sears used to sell guns. Now it looks like they might be getting back in that line of business. Though uppers aren’t technically firearms.

8 Responses to “Sears Back in the Gun Business?”

  1. Nope. As someone over at SayUncle pointed out, the current incarnation of the Sears website is an e-commerce hub for any number of retailers. About the only remarkable thing here is that they aren’t filtering out firearms parts like Amazon does.

  2. Shawn says:

    Don’t count on it. I bet in a week the filters on there site will block it.

    I seriously doubt Sears will ever get back into the gun buisness. Not even ammo. All these bog box stores are as anti-gun as you can get. The only reason wal-mart still sells guns and ammo is because it is profitable.

  3. GunKing1 says:

    Until they start selling firearms and ammo in a brick and mortar store, I’ll take my $ elsewhere.

  4. Carl from Chicago says:

    He he … we will see if the Brady’s start to protest this. Poor guys … so much to protest, and so few people to protest with.

  5. greg says:

    Sears and Kmart both used to sell lots of guns. Two things caused them to stop selling them. 1) tighter federal regulation created paperwork that, unless you were trained in it, led to too many mistakes-costly ones. Sears , Kmart decided not to spend the dollars on dedicated sports sellers. 2) Sears, then Kmart decided to move “upscale”. In so doing they left behind many of their natural clientele, and their business suffered for it. Many of those folk left behind went to Wal-Mart-guess how that worked out.
    Now, of course we are beginning to see the same move from Wal-Mart, caused by many of the same reasons.

  6. rkh says:

    I think this is just like what happened when the Toys-R-Us website advertised a .300 Win Mag boresight. These companies mantain web portals that their affiliates populate. Sometimes odd products get unintentionally listed.

  7. DAve says:

    I buy almost ALL of my AR stuff @ an luvloveluuurve it!!!

  8. Ronnie says:

    I was just looking at these “zombie” pages on the Sears website. The link for that was on the sayuncle website, which is linked above here. There are even three short zombie-themed videos on there which also feature Sears merchandise. They were all somewhat funny.

    Somebody at Sears might be a fan of that new “Walking Dead” show on AMC. I am such a fan myself. Maybe somebody at Sears is trying to make sure that all the Sears stores are prepared for the upcoming zombie apocalypse by transitioning back into gun and ammo business! LOL