Brady Desperation Getting Nasty

Having flubbed their amicus brief in the case of D’Cruz v. McCraw must have really stung the Brady folks, because yesterday they released this bit of nastiness directed at 18 year old James D’Cruz. This is clearly desperation on their part, to resort to ad-hominem attacks on teenagers. But I guess that’s easier than filing an amicus brief properly. Just to give you an idea of how pathetic this attack is, I recognized some of the quotes in here, and decided to do a bit of research. The first quote the Brady’s cribbed from D’Cruz’s Facebook:

“Death is but a doorway”, October 6 at 5:28pm,

The full quote is “Death is but a doorway, time is but a window, I’ll be back.” That quote is from Vigo the Carpathian. Who is Vigo the Carpathian? The chief villain in the movie Ghostbusters II. I can see why the Brady Campaign is concerned with James quoting Vigo. Vigo was a powerful magician:

Clearly if we don’t stop James from being able to own a handgun, it’s only a matter of time before he’s being controlled by the spirit of a 17th century Moldavian tyrant that is alive and well  in a painting in the Manhattan Museum of Art. But some of these other quotes are scary, right?

“in this field of hundreds begging for their lives, we shall spare none,”

That is a quote from William Tecumseh Sherman. We usually like to encourage an interest in history among young people, but I will concede that James’s fondness for quoting Sherman may be disturbing to some Georgians, and perhaps a reason to keep him away from matches and gasoline, lest he fail to govern his impulsively and try to burn Atlanta to the ground. The other quotes are from various books and movies. One obviously cribbed and paraphrased by a screenplay writer from that famous out of control psychopath Earnest Hemmingway, “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”

It’s amazing how low the Bradys are willing to go these days. But cribbing quotes out of context from some kid’s Facebook has to take the cake. I am glad they decided to do this before a holiday, and when North Korea is busy trying to start a war, because it’s likely no one is going to pay any attention to it.

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  1. I had no idea Hemmingway was a “gangster and outlaw”. I’m so glad we have the Brady twits around to enlighten me to things like that.

  2. Dr Ray Stantz: Everything was fine with our system until the amicus brief was filed by dickless here.
    McCraw: He said “Death is but a doorway”!
    Mayor: Is this true?
    Dr. Peter Venkman: Yes it’s true.
    Dr. Peter Venkman: This man has no dick.

  3. Winston: Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “YES”!

    Probably my favorite movie of all time.

    Oh and the proton packs were not regulated by the DoE, part of the reason why evil EPA man shut them down. I guess the Bradys are hoping that this same logic applies. Its called the “Ghostbusters rule”

  4. Now Bitter, if they put the Stay-Puft Man in jail, where will the Brady Bunch get the brain transplants for new members?

  5. The term “the Brady Bunch” always reminds me of the movie, where they had a carjacking being perpetrated by an Asian. An Asian. Carjacking. How can anyone rational take anything they say seriously?

  6. Sebastian, you’re a dad-gummed genius for catching this. And, your take on this is right: These people are DESPERATE! Toast! Over. Irrelevant. Fading awayyyyyyy……..

  7. I’ll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands.

    Molon Labe.

  8. In defense of these statist, antigun cocksuckers, Ghostbusters 2 is a pretty terrible movie.

  9. Yeah, well, here is a Ghostbusters quote that helps explain Why We’re Winning:

    “If we’re wrong, then nothing happens. We go to jail, peacefully, quietly. We’ll enjoy it. But if we’re right, and we can stop this thing…Lenny– you will have saved the lives of millions of…registered voters.”

    That’s the part the pencil-necked geek can’t seem to figure out.

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  11. People who would seek to disenfranchise others are nothing less than evil. Anything they say is either a lie, or a small truth used to forward their evil agenda.

    In other words, the devil is still the devil, even when he tells the truth.

    There is no point debating with them or pretending that they are arguing in good faith.

  12. The only thing that separates this kid from Jihad is a Koran. If he had an “Allah Akbar” on his page you’d hate him.

  13. I’ve always like the paraphrasing of that quote:

    “Death is but a doorway….here, let me hold that for you.”

  14. “The only thing that separates this kid from Jihad is a Koran. If he had an “Allah Akbar” on his page you’d hate him.”

    Sure, that may be true, but he’d have just as much a right to a gun as anyone else. Indeed, if this kid had his way, and he was a budding terrorist with an itching trigger finger, he would have opened the door for even more of his potential victims to legally carry a gun to shoot him when he tried yelling “Allah Akbar” and opened fire.

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