I Hope Obama is Right

Obama says Americans are ungovernable. I think he’s might be right, and I hope it shall always remain that way. Apparently Obama’s talking with folks to see if they can pass immigration reform in lame duck. I’m really not seeing this guy pulling a Clinton after 1994 and just declaring it’ll be balanced budgets and blow jobs from here on out. I’m also not seeing how he’s going to get much done in lame duck. There plenty of Dems who lost their seats and think Obama and Pelosi share a big part of the blame for twisting their arms. I can’t imagine they’ll be in the mood to incur more fury in their home districts on behalf of the White House. I could be wrong though.

3 thoughts on “I Hope Obama is Right”

  1. Obama is completely unable to move to the center. He is incurious and narrowly educated, whatever his credentials…he can’t embrace ideas which don’t fit well with the dogma of mentors like Ayers, Dhorn and Wright.

    He lives in an echo chamber where everyone of the outside is stupid, and he is the smartest guy in the room. Get a line on Valerie Jarrett’s latest paen to his intellectual superiority. I would be embarrassed if someone described me that way, nobody is that good or has any business thinking he is. Hubris doesn’t even start to describe a mind that buys such toilet water.

    Finally, few if any of his major support groups and interests care to change gears. What they are doing is just fine for them, and that is the goal. That they are on a suicide course, they aren’t bright enough to see.

  2. Many of the people who were voted out will end up in other jobs in DC — just like Newt Gingrich, Jim Rogan, and others. Losing their seats doesn’t mean they need to lose their Dem connections. So, if Obama wants to pass something, I doubt they’ll put up more than token resistance.

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