How Bad is Andrew Traver?

This is Obama’s proposed director of ATF comments on assault weapons:

Traver says the power and randomness of the heavy caliber, military-style weapons make them so dangerous not only to people, but to police.  They’re so powerful, body armor can’t withstand a hit, and they’re so difficult to control, their bullets often get sprayed beyond the intended targets, striking innocent victims even when they’re in their own homes.

So he’s part of the conspiracy to try to confuse “assault weapons” with fully automatic machine guns. This article would suggest he’s completely unacceptable as Director of ATF.

Here’s video:

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UPDATE: More about Traver here at Truth About Guns.

UPDATE: Connections to the Joyce Foundation.

21 thoughts on “How Bad is Andrew Traver?”

  1. PS: At the time, one of my commenters said: “wanna bet the NRA will not say boo about this anti-gun zealot being confirmed?”

  2. Wow. What a hit piece. I like how the ATF handed the inexperienced reporter the AK47 and had her shoot it from the hip. I hope there is nothing 3 miles beyond their firing range berm. This video alone should be enough to filibuster this a-hole.

  3. “they’re so difficult to control, their bullets often get sprayed beyond the intended targets, striking innocent victims even when they’re in their own homes.”

    So they’re “safe” enough for the LEOs to use against the common man, but not safe enough for anyone else to use responsibly in a controlled environment? Right……..

  4. First, I sure would like to see MBV prediction about the NRA’s lack of objection to Traver’s nomination be proven wrong.

    Anything you can do to help make that happen?

    As to the vid, well… There’s so much wrong one hardly knows where to begin – so I just won’t bother.

    I MUST however point out one major problem with this post.

    You said “…So he’s part of the conspiracy to try to confuse “assault weapons” with fully automatic machine guns…”

    “Assault weapons” **ARE** – by definition – fully automatic.

    What I believe you’re referring to are “standard, semi-automatic firearms – like Grandpa’s deer rifle – which have cosmetic features that make them look like fully-automatic assault weapons.”

    No – it’s **NOT** semantics.

    Most people have no clue that the “AK” you and I can buy in a local gun-shop (after a background check, ATF approval, and a waiting-period) and the fully-automatic “assault weapon” shown in the video ARE NOT THE SAME GUN.

    We do ourselves no favors when we voluntarily use The Enemy’s misleading, conflationary language.

    Please be more careful in the future – we’ve got too much riding on this.


  5. I note for the record that the term “assault weapon” was coined by Josh Sugarmann back in the late ’90s for the explicit purpose of conflating machine guns and semi-autos in the minds of the non-gun-owning public. Thus, the term “assault weapon” is a term of particularly malicious art, and that hardware doesn’t exist except in the diseased minds of the collectivists.

    I prefer to refer to my military pattern, semi-automatic rifles as “sport-utility rifles.”

    The Marine Corps refers to my son’s select-fire, intermediate caliber, gas operated, box-magazine-fed M4 a “rifle.”

  6. Good grief! After twenty years of knowing better, NBC news and the ATF are STILL pushing the myth that AK rifles sold to the American public are machineguns? Have they no shame?

    I would love to see Traver confronted at his confirmation hearing with the evidence of this anti-gun propaganda. His complicity in fostering false information to the public is proof of Traver’s lack of fitness to head ATF.

  7. I prefer the term “self-loading” rather than semi-automatic, though I am sure that it gives some visions of nasty guns hiding in the safe loading themselves…

  8. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, unless the arms might actually hurt someone, or scare someone, in which case we can infringe all we want because… because we really really are afraid of the peasants getting ideas.

  9. 1. Starkeisha??? Seriously?

    2. Folks can have machine guns in Chicago?

    3. If the gun is at fault, then why was that innocent man who pulled the trigger sentenced to 150 years?

  10. There’s no such thing as an “assault weapon,” either.

    The word the anti-gunnies wanted to get into the press was “assault” because people who don’t know one end of a gun from another – but still have a vote – think “assault” sounds bad. These people aren’t particularly interested in the details. “Assault” is enough for them.

    The next anti-gunnie wrinkle was to ditch “assault rifles” and make up “assault weapons” because “weapons” includes handguns, their real targets. Now of course we all know that there are real, non-imaginary “assault rifles” and “assault guns” (neither common in civilian hands in America, especially the assault guns, which are artillery) but again, the voting public isn’t much interested in the details and definitions.

    The long-term solution is to work against the mania about machine guns and get rid of the NFA entirely. It simply can’t be justified on practical or legal grounds.

  11. It’s just like Pete said in comment #3 – a total hit piece!

    There’s nothing more disingenuous than when a petite anti-gunner TV reporter babe gets handed a select-fire AK rifle set on fully automatic by an equally anti-gunner clown ATF agent, and then the petite anti-gunner reporter babe fires the same AK rifle from the hip in a half-assed fashion so as to prove how “difficult” the dreaded “assault weapon” is to fire in a safe and controlled manner.

    I guess this ATF clown Andrew Traver feels that it’s okay to disregard gun safety protocols in general in order to advance the left winger anti-gun agenda, right?

    Also, the last time I saw some babes firing fully automatic weapons, it was in a video and they were all wearing bikinis, and it hardly seemed like any of them had as much difficulty controlling the muzzle climb on their weapons as the reporter babe in this blatant hit piece did.

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  13. My heart goes out to this mother and even she said they are in the ” wrong hands”. Stop putting these monsters back on our streets! If you take a life you serve a life sentence period the rules are already on the books. If the criminals were incarcerated this could’nt happen guns are inanimate objects they cant jump up aim and fire themselves if there was a gun that could I would say its too dangerous for its own good.

  14. this is just another typical obuma move, another windy city
    frakking POS crypto if not full blown anti gun nazi, first off his
    “record” is middling anyhow,
    the BATF has long been the refuge of goofballs, has beens,
    fuck ups, screw ups, goofheads who couldn’t think or shoot straight , not good enough to be G-men and not smart enough to be some mouthpeice shyster justice department type legal hack.
    so basically the agency is populated by the dregs of federal government service, about one step above some of the people who work in the typical DMV office.
    AS for the records computerization, its “illegal” but they’re doing it anyhow, but garbage in, garbage out.
    There not going to mean alot, the much ballyhooed gun tracing stuff usually results in a dead end . This is the reality of what life is, you buy a gun, get bored with it , sell it to someone, or trade it to buy a gun you really want, who
    keeps files, who keeps records, no one.
    its not a conspiracy. gun shops come and go just like every
    local deli, local chinese takeout place, nail salon, etc.
    all the time.

    From what I hear the chicago office is one of the biggest fuck up joints out there, I’ve variously read they’ve lost so many guns they’ve purportedly confiscated , basically they have no idea its so out of control.
    this chicago gun control stuff is so out there, ya gonna stop and search every carcoming into the city, have fed ex and ups and even the post office X-ray every package that could contain a gun, specially pistols, NO of course not.
    the ones who get caught are small time charlies, they get too greedy and talk too much and some goofball rats em out. or they try to bring a 12 ft ryder vanload in one shot,
    the professionals do it slowly, professionally, quietly and
    If they’re getting 1 out of every 50 , that’d be big news to write home to mom about. basically obumas gun nazis
    do and accomplish nothing.
    Not to frighten people,but commercial grade explosives are very widely used and very openly sold and transported.
    its actually very safe. So personally I don’t worry.

  15. When you have ruthless zealots like this goon, following the lies created for the last 25 years by the hidden agenda, to disarm the US. Then a media piece, spreading more deception to those untrained in the use of semi automatic vs automatic firearms.The goon wont explain to the general public that these weapons, can only come in country, because the southern border is wide open for infiltrators and paramilitary units bent on destroying the fabric of the constitution and no doubt the UN is heading this campaign purchased through the theft of our own tax payers pockets. Let them come were ready for them, in the words of Arnold in the movie Predator if it bleeds; we can kill it..:)

  16. Might as well say a match is like a flame thrower…Another anti-gun puppet appointee…

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