Get Out the Vote for Rossi

Joe Huffman points out one of the races this coming Tuesday that’s going to be really important for gun owners. Someone else we know has been working hard on this race too. We’re fighting a defensive action in PA, trying to keep this Senate seat from going anti-gun in the hands of Joe Sestak, but Rossi would be a true pickup in a state that’s supported anti-gun politicians state-wide as of late.

5 thoughts on “Get Out the Vote for Rossi”

  1. No fan of Rossi here. The local GOP needs fresh blood, not a two-time loser and real estate speculator like Rossi.

    Rossi is merely ‘status quo’ on Second Amendment issues. I am not aware of him ever making a substantive statement of 2A issues. I engaged his rep at the gun show last week on 2A issues and it was all general ‘Dino supports your second amendment rights’ pablum but could not/would not comment on anything – not even WA specific issues like concealed carry, castle doctrine, SBR, suppressors etc. I was underwhelmed to say the least, although it was what I expected given his track record.

    But my major issue with Rossi is his social issues, especially his support for teaching creationism in schools. That’s a non-starter for my vote right there.

  2. I don’t have an issue teaching creationism in schools, depending on what class it’s taught in, and as long as it’s not part of a curriculum to promote religion.

  3. At the last governors debate, Rossi thought creationism should be part of the science curriculum. He wasn’t specific if that was before or after astrology, voodoo and Flat Earth theory.

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