Pretty Sure It’s Unconstitutional

Phoenix, Arizona has ads for gun training pulled. should hire a lawyer and sue. I’m fairly certain this runs afoul of the First Amendment.

3 Responses to “Pretty Sure It’s Unconstitutional”

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    If I had the money, I’d put them 50 feet outside the Phoenix City Limits on every major road that enters the city, then sue.

  2. mikee says:

    Even San freakin’ Francisco stopped short of pulling signs involving firearms when their lawyer pointed out their liability should they do so.

    This is a slam-dunk win for whoever picks up the case.

  3. Laughingdog says:

    “Assistant Phoenix city attorney Ted Mariscal claimed in a conference call with Mr. Korwin and CBS Outdoor that the billboards weren’t commercial enough,”

    Sounds to me like he’s saying the billboards are too political. That certainly doesn’t seem like it would help the cities cause. They caused the company financial losses because their advertisements were advertisey enough.