Are the Brady’s Contaminating the Water in Tennessee?

First Lamar Alexander wanders off and votes against National Park carry, and now Phil Bredesen vetoes the restaurant carry bill.  NRA has a statement on it here.  Having been in Arizona, which also prohibits carry in any establishment that serves alcohol, it’s a major inconvenience, especially if you don’t have a car.

When we were in Phoenix, we were going to find some lunch with some of the Arizona bloggers, and found a nice place, then realized they had a liquor license.  Even though none of us had any intention of drinking, we had to go leave firearms in cars and hotel rooms to avoid running afoul of the law.   Critics of restaurant carry, including Bresdesen, express concern about how the law would be enforced.  But wouldn’t that be a concern for concealed carry in general?  The whole thing is based on the honor system, which is why it’s stilly to even require licenses in the first place.  Only those with honor will participate.

3 thoughts on “Are the Brady’s Contaminating the Water in Tennessee?”

  1. Even though none of us had any intention of drinking…

    Ummm…guess you didn’t notice those two mimosas on our tab? :) But then again, I didn’t have a firearm and had no intention of carrying one, so I guess we go back to the honor system. (Not to mention with a brunch happy hour of $2 mimosas, those babies are basically all OJ.)

  2. I think there’s a logic to requiring a permit: those with honor participate, those without, get nailed if caught with a gun. But the idea of not allowing individual A to carry in a location where individual B may consume alcohol has never made much sense to me.

    Worst of all, though, the heading of this post has an egregious example of apostrophe abuse.

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