McCarthy Still Struggling

Jacob mentions she’s won an editorial board endorsement based on her record for gun control. He also and points out her record even on this pet issue is practically non-existent, and completely non-existent on other issues. In addition, Democrats in her district are worried about turnout being low. I’m sincerely hoping the gig is going to be up for McCarthy in a few weeks. That victory would be so sweet it would rot my teeth.

UPDATE: Becker is running campaign ads trying to tie McCarthy to Nancy Pelosi:

One Response to “McCarthy Still Struggling”

  1. Harry Schell says:

    The major difference between McCarthy and Barabara Boxer is McCarthy could introduce, IIRC, only one sort of bill…something about gun control. Otherwise, nada.

    Boxer renamed several libraries or something as useful. But she did sponsor a bill that passed.

    Heh, hopefully both are goners.