Remember …

our opponents tell us they are less regulated than teddy bears.

3 Responses to “Remember …”

  1. Laughingdog says:

    Well, with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in play, they’re certainly trying to get teddy bears to catch up.

  2. Alpheus says:

    There are so many things sick and wrong with this! They cited one million gun deaths since a certain time (I won’t look it up now)–all of which, I am sure, are due to defective guns.

    One thing I noticed: a demand to “find out what types of guns are used in suicides, and ban those guns”. Why do I have a feeling that the type of gun used most in suicides will be “handgun”, and that’s about the best you’ll be able to refine it?

  3. DonM says:

    Is not supposed to be safe. Is GUN!