LA Times Favors Boxer

Hopefully they’ll remember to call her “Senator.” Either way, the Brady folks are thrilled because their issue got a mention in the LA Times, which hasn’t really been focusing very heavily on the gun issue:

Boxer supports California’s ban on assault weapons and the revival of a similar law at the federal level. Fiorina has criticized the federal law’s definition of assault weapons as “extremely arbitrary” and emphasizes other ways of combating gun crimes, none of which is a substitute for a ban. She also believes that travelers on the federal government’s no-fly list should be allowed to own firearms

I’m not sure how thrilled I’d be though, given that they balanced it with Fiorina’s view on the matter, which has a basis in fact, and they failed to frame the “terror gap” issue properly. I think most Americans understand the “No-Fly” list is a sham, but the “Terror Watch List” sounds much more ominous. Ten years ago the LA Times would have said “Fiorina wants to legalize assault weapons, which are the weapons of choice for gang members in California, and ridiculously wants terrorists to be able to buy guns.”

I guess when you’re down and out, you’ll take any piece of bread thrown at you, but given what we’ve seen from the LA Times in the past, I consider this progress.

One thought on “LA Times Favors Boxer”

  1. No surprise here. LAT is useful as a newspaper for keeping tabs on leftist “thought” and some local reporting. And the crossword, movie directory. Material to start charcoal fires.

    Boxer is less useful than LAT.

    I will say LAT’s exposes on welfare abuse, teacher performance measurement and the ludicrous waste in local redevelopment agencies, where politicians play at being real estate magnates with taxpayer money, are worthy of praise.

    All of this activity has happened in the last 3-4 months. Maybe a change is coming.

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