Mini-Update on Castle Doctrine

I think the levels of ups and downs of the last two weeks was best described from Rep. Seth Grove, at least from his perspective as a legislator:

I was already to do battle against the Gun Control amendments on HB 40 – Castle Doctrine too. Maybe next time.

We were supposed to face down anywhere from six to eight anti-gun amendments ranging from one gun a month to restricting reciprocity of carry licenses. While it’s a good thing to never have to worry about anti-gun legislation, it’s also a bit of a frustration that we warn people about all of these threats that never end up happening. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing we had the support of 156 lawmakers to vote this thing through to another step in the process. But, it’s frustrating that I know some gun owners will believe we were blowing smoke up their asses for the anti-gun amendments that never came. We weren’t. The legislators themselves can attest to that.

So tomorrow, should the Speaker of the House indulge us, we should have the final floor vote in the House on Castle Doctrine. Hopefully the Senate will take it up. I haven’t really been paying attention to anything in the Senate lately, other than some political commentary on tax hikes that they won’t likely take up this year. So we’ll see.

I did read a few notes on Facebook by someone who said they caught part of a presser hosted by Gov. Rendell who was none too pleased about the self-defense bill actually getting traction. But, if he gives us grief, he’s gone and irrelevant in January. And, to boot, we’ll punish the rest of his party who stand with him on the issue and just flip the House so the Democrats are out to pasture in Pennsylvania politics.

5 thoughts on “Mini-Update on Castle Doctrine”

  1. Some people can’t comprehend that some bad things don’t happen precisely because people are prepared to deal therewith.

    Just because you haven’t gotten cavities doesn’t mean you can stop brushing your teeth.

  2. ctdonath,

    Agreed. The only reason this legislation didn’t face severe opposition is because we were at the ready, in force, and the antis in the House KNEW it, and knew we had them beat. Any less, and they would’ve amended this bill to death.

  3. Will Rendell veto the bill when it hits his desk? He’s a lame duck, so what would he care? What are the rules for over rulling a veto in PA House and Senate?

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