Chavez Looking at Gun Bans

Nothing good will come of this. Venezuela’s democracy, which is on life support now as it is, will surely be dead if Chavez is allowed to disarm everyone but his thugs. You want to talk “Second Amendment remedies.” Chavez is getting very close to where that’s justified.

UPDATE: More from Miguel here, who wrote about this back when it was first proposed.

9 thoughts on “Chavez Looking at Gun Bans”

  1. …”would set a limit of 25 rounds of ammunition per person, replaceable only when their use has been justified.”

    This is what I see coming our way!! They will let us keep the guns, they are coming for the ammo!!

  2. “Once the law is passed after a second round of discussion in Congress and signed by the president, citizens will have 180 days to hand in their illegal weapons and register their legal ones. After that period, disarmament operations would begin.”

    Wow. Reading that gets one’s imagination moving.

  3. That law is a Democrat’s Wet Dream!!

    Don’t give Philadelphia area Democrats any ideas.

  4. In this country if a government used the phrase “disarmament operations”, you might as well invest in stock for mortuary supplies and body bags. In my world, that is the line. I’ll keep my 25 rounds per legal firearm and hand you back the excess 14,000 one at a time. Jesus! Can’t anyone in that country see the endgame? Chavez is right on script.

    Thank God for the 2nd Amendment. I doubt our government would ever reach the “disarmament operations” stage but I doubt they’d be crazy enough to try it. They’d have to know what lies on the other side of that Rubicon.

    As long as it remains a Democrat’s wet dream, I’m happy with that. Better soaked sheets than spilled blood.

  5. You want to talk “Second Amendment remedies.” Chavez is getting very close to where that’s justified.

    Chavez crossed that line a long time ago. The RKBA isn’t the only freedom worth fighting for.

  6. If there is a place where the saying “It is not about gun control. It is about people control.” is Venezuela. Crime is the number one problem in a county that has no food to feed itself, it is under constant power black outs (when once it exported electricity to neighboring countries), infrastructure is crumbling at a accelerated speed and thanks to a comprehensive social health reform, hospitals do not have basics to treat its patients and relatives must search and buy from gauze to scalpels for the surgery of a loved one.
    In any other country, this would have sparked a revolution and civil war, but Chavez was smart enough to have a three pronged approach to control population: 1) No weapons for the civilian population, 2) Eradicating or disarming of well established and professional police forces under the excuse that they were “contra” revolutionaries and a threat to the Government and 3) Arming criminals who swore allegiance to the Revolution.
    The result is a nation so scared to go outside their homes that any thought other than surviving is optional. It gets worse when you realize that generations have been raised under the banner of “guns are bad” and “Violence begets violence” and “You cannot take justice in your own hands” so that is a country full of sheep that cannot understand the basic concept of self defense or is as mentally repulsive as child molestation.
    In the meantime, bodies pile up at the morgue (
    Photos of the Pro Chavez criminal groups here
    Do check out the weapons…

  7. Let Venezuela be yet another modern test case for tyranny. People unfortunately forget the horrors of marxism and seem to need a reminder every once in a while. Maybe this time this knowledge will be better ingrained and we can reinforce our own system to prevent this from happening here.
    Here’s a video from 25 years ago that helps explain the current situation in Venezuela. It’s eerily prophetic.

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