I Have Found Nirvana

Three words. Hunting Friggin Dinosaurs! For the iPad. Very well done game for the iPad and iPhone that takes advantage of the touch screen. Here’s the game trailer:

I’ve been wasting my time with this for a week and have a hard time putting it down. It takes a little bit to get the touch pad sensitivity right where you want it, but they provide a “Survival Mode” where they just keep throwing waves of dinosaurs at you until one of them stomps or eats your twitching almost, but not quite dead corpse. The point of the game is to hunt dinosaurs, and build up an impressive trophy room. You can remove specimens and go try to hunt for better ones if you want. You can wound a dinosaur, in which case you have to follow its blood trail. This is not advisable if you’re hunting carnivores: you have to get more creative in your technique to land those, especially the Tyrannosaurus, which will just take round after round unless you shoot it in the right place. It takes more than one shot to bring one down. Obviously it’s not meant to be a completely realistic hunting simulation, but it’s good enough to be thoroughly addicting. Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of hunting dinosaurs?

4 thoughts on “I Have Found Nirvana”

  1. They’ve brought it back! I have this game on my computer, it is really fun! Now if I can just remember the code for ‘superman mode’…

  2. It does seem to be an old game they’ve brought to the iOS. I found mention of it from years ago on PCs and Playstation. But it’s still very well done, I think. I guess they figured out it could be revived on the portable devices using the touchscreen technology.

  3. I used to play this, and it’s sequel “Carnivores: Ice Age” on the PC.

    The trick to not dying is to find a very inaccessible hunting spot high up on a mountain, and call the animals in. They won’t be able to get to you as quickly, and that will give you more chances to get them.

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