Finding Gun Nuts in Hawaii?

Aloha! Heading into the third day of our Hawaiian vacation, and I’m glad to see the guest bloggers holding down the fort. So far we have John Richardson, of the blog No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money, and Ian Argent, who has a LiveJournal. We’ll also see of Countertop and Clayton Cramer make an appearance at some point. I’m glad to have the help, since I’m spending most of the day out of communication.

But today, in our quest to find what people have said is the best shrimp truck on Oahu, I thought I found some fellow gun nuts. Take note of the stickers on the Window:

At first, I thought I had definitely found the most awesome shrimp truck on Oahu. But we visited their web site when we got back here, and sadly it’s just a clever way to market a clothing line, but I do have to say, I approve, and want one of their shirts. While the shrimp truck (Giovanni’s, on the Northern Shore. Get their scampi. It’s worth it. If you like garlic, double worth it) may not have been gun nuts, we did come across a shooting range, so there are gun nuts on the island somewhere. As for their shrimp plate lunches, they were definitely outstanding. I had to fight myself not to go back for seconds.

Now we’re sitting here waiting for the sun to come up, and will be embarking on our Lost tour. I’m a morning person in Hawaii, since it’s six hours behind eastern time. Here’s some views from her grandmother’s spare condo, which she is graciously letting us use at no charge:

Makes up for the nine screaming children on the five hour plane ride from our connection in LA.

6 thoughts on “Finding Gun Nuts in Hawaii?”

  1. From my last visit, which was a dozen years ago, I noticed that some gun ranges catered to the Japanese tourists that come to Hawaii. Full auto MP5s seemed to be a big draw. Don’t know what the situation is like now.

  2. There is a core of gun people in Hawaii. I was one while I was stationed there back in the late 1980’s.

    That sticker, btw, might not be as cool as you think: There is a nascent “anti-haole” attitude amongst a minority of the ethnic Hawaiians, and I’ve got a nice big scar on my forehead as proof.

    Don’t let that spoil your vacation though. Hawaii is an amazing place to visit. If you like Korean food, try the Dong Yang Inn in Wahiawa. It’s one of those places the locals go, and it’s generally unknown to the tourists. It’s right across the street from the McDonalds.

  3. If and when you two get to Honolulu, see if you can find a hospital there with a plaque out front designating said hospital as the official birthplace of Barry Obama.

  4. Deer, boar, and I’m-not-sure-what-else hunting at the Parker Ranch on The Big island.

    read somewhere that Hawaii is the most restrictive of “Shall-issue” states.

  5. May-issue and something like only a double handful of permits out.

    Effectively a no-carry state.

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