Bret Schundler finds his sword

Or was handed it… At any rate, he appears to have done the honorable thing and fallen on it.

On the other hand, that article has been … revised … since I first saw it. The initial version I saw included no mention of the contractors, and had a summation paragraph that stated that the reason the application was in flux at a late date is that Schundler cut a deal with the NJEA that Christie disavowed, having instructed Schundler beforehand that there would be no deal.

2 thoughts on “Bret Schundler finds his sword”

  1. Did you notice the reason he wanted to get fired ……… unemployment benefits.

  2. He’s not independently wealthy, the economy sucks, and he’s not getting a job any time soon anyway. NJ grants benefits to people fired for cause normally. He can have them as far as I’m concerned. Though it might have been politic for him to have not said that.

    OTOH, if this is his A-game, I think I’m glad he lost both times he ran for NJ Governor…

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