Welcome to Central Pennsylvania

While we would obviously fight any attempt by a township in this state to shut down a legitimate shooting range, shooting across roadways is to be generally frowned upon. Now a man’s quest for 1000 yard shooting (hard to find in PA) has run into his Township. The money quote here is:

Lavelle asked what London was doing in the photo Beatty took, and what the object identified as a target in DeBoer’s video was. London said he was shooting at a groundhog that was about 1,060 yards away, and the object was a five-gallon drum suspended by ropes used as a deer feeder, not a target.


Choman questioned if hunting groundhogs with a sniper rifle at a distance of 1,060 yards was extreme.

“I don’t think so,” said London.

If the guy is shooting over township roads, which he has admitted, and doesn’t have the appropriate safety measures in place, he needs to stop. While a .50BMG can’t travel “a distance of 45 miles,” as one Township Supervisor said, It can certainly travel quite a bit.