Is Jacksonville More Dangerous Than London?

In terms of violent crime rates, it’s not even close.

UPDATE: Looking at the involved statistics, I’ve noticed one problem.  The London statistics for violent crime include common assault, which isn’t included in the Jacksonville and Ft. Meyers statitics, so you have to strip that figure out for London in order to make a more valid comparison, which results in London’s violent crime rate being 1717 per 100,000 population, which is still higher than Jacksonville and Fort Meyers.  Still, you’re far less likely to be killed in London than in either city, statistically speaking, but I’m not sure how comforted I am by “Don’t worry, our criminals will just beat the hell out of you!”

5 thoughts on “Is Jacksonville More Dangerous Than London?”

  1. In the past week or two I believe Cam Edwards said that British crime stats only include solved cases not unsolved cases. IIRC he was referring to homicides, so I’m not sure if this applies to other violent crimes.

  2. There’s also a fairly documented practice of British cops actively encouraging citizens not to file complaints in the first place, or “losing” them.

  3. “Still, you’re far less likely to be killed in London than in either city…”

    I don’t know if getting maimed/crippled is better than dying in some cases.

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