“An Entire Group of Reasonable People Expressing Their Constitutional Rights”

That’s what Jon Stewart calls NRA members.

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Watch the clip, and wait for the entire segment.  It is a great reminder of what a powerful speaker Charlton Heston really was when he was presiding over the NRA. Enjoy the video. You won’t hear top lefty entertainers say this too often: “The point is, I was wrong and Heston was right. … He’s still right.” (Video found via Radley.)

21 thoughts on ““An Entire Group of Reasonable People Expressing Their Constitutional Rights””

  1. Mr. Stewart has been seen sniffing at coffee cups recently, and reports indicate he is not unhappy with what he smells.

    He may have taken the slippery step David Mamet took, and started drinking the stuff.

    Bravo, John! I’ll buy you a cuppa anytime you wish.

  2. I can respect Stewart for admitting he was wrong and he reacted emotionally.

    It takes a smart man to admit he is wrong.

  3. Stewart is real funny, he’ll be the first Jew the radical islamists will come after…the left and feminists in this country deserve Sharia law…

  4. Gee, thanks. Glad to know that all those uppity womenfolk demanding they not be treated different due to lack of a penis deserve beatings & being stoned to death.

  5. So we should have opened a rifle range and gun shop across the street from Columbine High School?

  6. AntiCitizenOne – Conveniently, NYC zoning will not allow St. Nicholas church to rebuild at ground zero. But, they are bending over (forward) to make the mosque happen.

  7. Yes, I too, cheer for Stewart’s recognition that he was wrong about the NRA, but with only the barest “peep” of a cheer.

    Fact is, he used Heston and the NRA as a cheap shill to make his larger point that we should all bend over and “take it”,…… “it” being that accursed mosque which would be a classic Islamic “victory mosque”, built on newly conquered ground. That is, after all, where the “Cordoba” reference hails from.

    Stewart drew an invalid conclusion in comparing Heston’s defense of the NRA, to the MFM’s collective apologia for the Muslim Victory Center at Ground Zero.

    Here’s why:

    * Of the roughly one hundred million gun owners in the U.S., nowhere…….and I mean no where can it be found in the historic literature of our sport and/or culture, that we should forcibly convert the hoplophobe, nor tax the non shooter (upon pain of death if he refuses), or otherwise lay waste to, nor in any way harm, the unarmed amongst us.

    The “isolated tragedies” of which Heston spoke are indeed, tragic, and are sadly impossible to predict, and can seldom be prevented.

    * Contrast this with Islam, and it’s jihad. All that I just described that the NRA does not wreak upon the non-shooter, Islam does to the non-believer. And those actions are deeply imbedded into Islam’s foundatinal texts, the Quaran, Hadith and Sura. Not only do such actions originate from their most worshipped texts, but they are also encouraged to be acted out by some of the most revered and highly sought after teachers of their faith.

    This results in a predictable, (if not for time, place and actor, then surely for knowing that they’ll strike somewhere, sometime, and just as soon and often as they’re able), steady stream of atrocities of all kinds, in all places and at any time in the cosmos, including smack in the middle of thier highest, holiest days of religious observation.

    Using Stewart’s logic, in which he rightly exonerates the NRA for the acts of crazed psychopaths…… one must then also rightly condemn the sect which, based on it’s own “holy books”, sends it’s most ardent adherents out to commit vile act upon perfidy upon unspeakable savagery, and calls those “holy”, and just in the eyes of their moonbat diety.

    Comparing Islam in any way to Heston’s defense of the NRA is an insult to not only Heston and the NRA, but to every upstanding, American loving, gun toting (or otherwise) patriot who rallies to the cause, and defense of, the precioius God given freedoms as recognized and secured in our Bill of Rights.

    Our NRA culture encourages us to be free, and to excercise the tools of that freedom.

    Islam demands only submission, but that, utterly so.

    That’s a pretty damned easy equation for even me to solve.

    I will not submit.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  8. Why does anyone care? Seriously. Its a place of worship, who cares? They are being insensitive jerks (I’m not sure how New Yorkers were able to notice). Some Call it a victory Mosque, Once again, who cares.

    And as for the Koran, have you EVER read the Old Testament? If so, we have a large ammount of stoning to get arround to.

    Like it or not, if they can pay, they should get thier way. Or should we begin doling out land and property rights based on how the group in power feels about one’s group?

    Not all Gun owners are nuts or violent. BUT all Muslims are???

    The Mosque was never a story. Now its a feeding frenzy for slow news days…

  9. Sorry Jim. I have to disagree. Everyone knew what the KKK was about and knew that some had committed heinous crimes, but the KKK was still allowed, by law, to assemble, purchase property, etc.

    Even if Islam is about everything you said, it doesn’t mean that every Muslim practices it that way. In every religion, you have extremists and liberals, those who are very strict and those who just follow the general guidelines. You can see that even in the Islam faith. Not every “sect” holds the same beliefs as another. Some follow only the Qur’an and some also follow the Hadiths. Some believe in minor jihad, using violence like some minority Sunni muslims, and others don’t.

    As long as it is private land, they should be allowed to purchase it. Part of our American heritage is to recognize all rights especially those that we have those most difficult in accepting.

    However, I do have a problem with NY not allowing one church to rebuild, but this education center can be built. And it isn’t on hollowed ground when it is two blocks away from Ground Zero. While it might be insensitive for them to put it there, let’s not make this more than it is. Let’s all be grown up about this.

  10. Oh please…Jon Stewart aka Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz wasn’t apologizing. He was being sarcastic.

    Like all his skits.

    Get a clue people.

  11. “I can respect Stewart for admitting he was wrong and he reacted emotionally.”

    But neither you nor anyone else on the right will do the same.

  12. “Some Call it a victory Mosque”

    Only insensitive right wing jerks call it that — funny how you blame those creating this community center for your own failings.

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