Remembering Chuck


Time has posted fond farewells for 2008, and number 17 is Charlton Heston.  However, the writer seems confused:

Offscreen, Heston was a figure of epic contradictions. In the ’60s he marched with Martin Luther King; in the ’90s he headed the National Rifle Association.

There’s nothing contradictory about civil rights work.

5 Responses to “Remembering Chuck”

  1. Mad Saint Jack says:

    Wasn’t Heston marching with King in the late 50’s???

    (Chuck is more punk than you.)

  2. acosenza2 says:

    Time likes to pick and chose which civil rights are actually rights…and civil for that matter.

  3. DirtCrashr says:

    2008 is personally going to go down as the year Teh Media really displayed their unrelenting, contorted, ideological twist.

  4. AntiCitizenOne says:

    Someone should tell Time Magazine that it’s a Bill of RIGHTS, not a Bill of Needs.

  5. ATL says:

    The old media is a tangled web of hypocrisy and duplicitious, Marxist toadies who have yet to come to terms that their era is long over and dead. Whatever is defecated forth from their sad, tired souls is no consequence to me. Why should anybody here or elsewhere take the opinions of these liars and propagandists for anything other than pure deception.

    So they view Heston as a contradiction- Who cares? To care is to give their views merit and credibility. After this last election – that is price too high to be paid by anyone who has any dignity left. They hate Heston because he was the real deal and they are phonies. Period! Eff’em……..